Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Headed Woodpecker Saftey

In this video a woodpecker is at the top of a very tall tree surveying the world for dangers and warns the other animals through verbal and non verbal communications.


Red Headed Woodpecker Symbiosis

I have noticed a food symbiosis between the Woodpeckers and the squirrels. They often are after the same food like palm berries but have different adaptations to get at it. The squirrels will for example use their climbing skills to knock nuts off of a branch while the wood peckers will be at the base of the tree picking up scraps. In this video a Redheaded Woodpecker is after a few left nuts of a full squirrel.


Why Do These Birds Peck Wood?

Red headed woodpeckers peck into wood to get to different organisms to eat as food. They also can create holes to hide inside or keep warm when the winter brings cool nights. Check out this cool video.


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